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Product Name:

RH and Temperature for Perishable Products

Manufacturer: Marathon Products, Inc.
Model: 2C\TEMP-RH

The new 2C\TEMP-RH waterproof digital display temperature and humidity data logger

The 2C\TEMP-RH is a reliable and cost-effective waterproof digital temperature and humidity recorder for all industrial and commercial applications with storage of up to 8K temperature and 8K humidity data points. Certified Safe ShippingThe 2c\temp-RH uses high accuracy sensors and provides real-time viewing of -29°C to +72°C temperatures and 0% to 100% humidity information and has USB connectivity.

  • Temperature Range: -29°C to +72°C / -20°F to +160°F operation and measurement

For more information:

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Download a PDF of the 2C\TEMP-RH Product Brief.

Download a PDF of the MaxiThermal Quick Start Guide.